Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present (Tyler Hubby)


Friday October 7, 7:30pm – North Park Theatre


USA, 102 minutes, WNY Premiere


Playfully tracing the life and times of experimental filmmaker, minimalist musician, community activist and long time University at Buffalo professor of Media Study Tony Conrad, Tyler Hubby’s comprehensive twenty year project incorporates archival materials, interviews with luminaries of the music and art world including Moby and Tony Oursler, as well as impromptu street performances by Conrad.



Closing Night


Lovesong (So Yong Kim)


Monday October 10, 7:45pm – North Park Theatre


USA, 84 minutes, NY Premiere


A tender, haunting and beautifully crafted by So Yong Kim (Treeless Mountain, For Ellen), Lovesong explores the founds of motherhood, childhood, and maturity tracing the relationship of Sarah (Riley Keough) a young mother and her old college friend Mindy (Jena Malone) in this ode to self-discovery and forbidden love. A Strand release.



BIFF Local Centerpiece


Trew Calling (Greg Robbins)


Saturday October 8, 1:15pm – North Park Theatre


USA, 90 minutes, East Coast Premiere


Orchard Park native Tracey B. Wilson stars in Greg Robbins’ tender, funny and uplifting drama as Trew (Wilson), a women floundering through life until she encounters an unexpected visitor (Kevin Sizemore) who alters the course of what is to come.


Preceded by: The Bus Stop



BIFF Post-colonial spotlight


INAATE/SE/ [it shines a certain way. to a certain place./it flies. falls./](Adam Khalil & Zack Khalil)


Monday, October 10th, 1:00pm – North Park Theatre


USA/Canada, 75 minutes, WNY Premiere
Experimental video artists Adam and Zack Khalil use personal interviews, animated drawings, performance, and provocative intercutting, in their feature debut. They make a bold case for the Ojibway people to be their own storytellers—while seeking a cure for the damage inflicted by colonization—in a spiritual reconnection with tradition.


BIFF Night Fever: Late Night Local Elevated Genre


Alcoholist (Lucas Pavetto)


Friday October 7th, 10:15pm – North Park Theatre


Itally/USA, 105 minutes, World Premiere


Bret Roberts stars as Daniel- an alcoholic who’s hit rock bottom, seeking a violent redemption as he obsessively follows the every move of his neighbor in Lucas Pavetto’s chilling Niagara Falls-lensed morality thriller.


Preceded by: The Runner






2307: Winter’s Dream (Joey Curtis)


Saturday October 8th, 10:15pm – North Park Theatre


USA, 100 minutes, Buffalo Premiere


Mankind has caused a new ice age. This nuclear winter forces surviving humans underground. Humanoids, genetically designed to withstand the extreme cold, serve as a labor force on the planet’s surface. When rogue Humanoids incite a violent rebellion, elite soldiers venture into the frozen wastelands to terminate the threat.



Mercy (Chris Sparling)


Monday October 10th, 9:45pm – North Park Theatre


USA, 78 minutes, WNY Premiere


Estranged sons of the same mother return to their childhood home to be with their mother on her deathbed. As the night stretches on old secrets are revealed and old wounds burst open in Chris Sparling’s tense, East Aurora-lensed home invasion thriller.


Preceded by: Knives


Studio of the Streets: BIFF Docs


Bang: The Bert Berns Story (Brett Berns & Bob Sarles)


Monday October 10th, 5:30 PM – North Park Theatre


USA, 94 min, WNY Premiere


Narrated by Steven Van Zandt. Son Brett Berns and(Kenmore, NY native) Bob Sarles trace the lifetime and legacy songwriter and record producer Bert Berns – the man behind smash hits including Twist and Shout, Here Comes the Night, Piece of My Heart and Hang on Sloopy. All of which launched the careers of many including Neil Diamond and Van Morrison.



Tower (Keith Maitland)


Saturday October 8th, 3:30pm – North Park Theatre


USA, 93 minutes, WNY Premiere


Employing archival footage, verbatim style performances, animation and interviews Keith Maitland’s multiple award-winning Tower offers a comprehensive perspective of the nation’s first campus shooting- the 1966 UT Austin sniper attack which killed 16 and wounded 32. Fifty years following the tragedy Maitland masterfully weaves tension, drama, violence and uncertainty captures a day that starts like any other until the unthinkable occurs. A Kino Lober release.



Off the Rails  (Adam Irving)


Sunday October 9th, 2:30pm, North Park Theatre


USA, 87 minutes, WNY Premiere


Adam Irving’s stranger than fiction, only in New York City tale of Darius McCollum, a life long admirer of NY’s transit department, his passion has landed him in jail 32 times for impersonating MTA bus drivers and subway conductors driving their routes- often having gone unnoticed. Diagnosed late in life with Asperger’s syndrome, Irving’s acclaimed documentary offers an intimate and portrait of McCollum and family.



OXD  (Craig Lowy)


Saturday October 8th, 11:00am – North Park Theatre


UK/USA, 100 minutes, North Park Theatre


Craig Lowy’s exhilarating OXD follows Elizabeth Streb’s Extreme Action Company from audition to performance as Streb pulls off her biggest and boldest series yet in celebration of the London Summer Olympics. OXD (One Extraordinary Day) follows the troupe as they prepare for and perform a series of death defying dances on seven London landmarks including the Millennium Bridge and the London Eye in this high flying, family friendly action doc that must be seen on the big screen. 100 minutes, WNY Premiere.


Preceded by: Some Kind of Quest


Jackson (Maise Crow)


Monday October 10th, 5:00pm, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


USA, 85 minutes, WNY Premiere


An alarming work of cinema verite, Maise Crow tells the story of three women at the center for reproductive rights in Jackson, Mississippi as the town’s last abortion clinic faces a series of challenges from restrictive “trap” laws to daily protests including vandalism and threats of violence.


I Am The Blues (Daniel Cross)


Monday October 10th, 11:00am – North Park Theatre


USA/Canada, 100 minutes, WNY Premiere


A gorgeously lensed big screen adventure from Juke Joints to halls of worship as the past haunts the present on the bayou of Louisiana in Daniel Cross’ stunning ethnography of the blues starring the great Bobby Rush.



Nitehawks on the Blue Highway (Michael Steissguth)


Saturday October 8th, 5:00pm – Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


USA, 85 minutes, WNY Premiere


Founded in Washington DC over forty years ago The Nitehawks continue along their journey traveling cross country as the hardest working bland in Blues in Michael Steissguth’s definitive road trip documentary.



Preceded by: Hamell on Trial – Artist in America


Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound (Karen Collins)


Saturday October 8th, 1:00pm – Squeaky Wheel


Canada, 74 minutes, Northeast Premiere


Join director Karen Collins on a global journey to document the history of game sound from the penny arcade to 8-bit innovators at Nintendo as she explores how technology and creativity has created some of the most memorable music of our time.


The Pearl of Africa (Andre Vallstrom)


Monday October 10th, 3:00pm – Hallwalls

Sweden, 76 minutes, US Premiere


Director Andre Vallstrom documents the extraordinary journey of Cleopatra Kambugu, a 28-year old Uganadan transgender women who, against oppressive cultural and social norms as well as repressive laws, continues her transition with the support of her partner Nelson.


Preceded by: Africa in the City



Traceroute (Johannes Grenzfurthner)


Saturday October 8th, 2:45pm – Squeaky Wheel


USA, 120 minutes, WNY Premiere


Join artist and self-declared nerd Johannes Grenzfurthner in a hilarious, personal cross-country trip from Coast to Coast as he chases the ghosts of nerd-dom’s past, present and future history.


Here Come The Videofreex (Jon Nealson & Jenny Raskin)


Monday October 10th, 7:15pm – Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


USA, 80 minutes, WNY Premiere


In the 1960s and 70s The Videofreex, a collective of renegade journalists made media history as they observed and reported on the world around them in a way the big three networks could not. Directors Jon Nealson and Jenny Raskin provide reflection on the collective in many of the member’s own words while including The Videofreex’s interviews with Fred Hampton and Abbie Hoffman. A Cinema Guild release.



Kings, Queens & In-Betweens (Gabrielle Burton)


Sunday October 9th, 7:30pm – North Park Theatre


USA, 88 minutes, Buffalo Premiere


Buffalo native Gabrielle Burton documents a new “frontier” in gender through the eyes of eight diverse Columbus, Ohio drag performers on multiple sides of the gender performance spectrum (male, female, trans) in this insightful exploration.



Blackhearts (Fredrik Horn Akselsen)


Sunday October 9, 9:00PM – Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


Norway, 83 minutes, US Premiere


Three die hard black metal fans from Columbia, Iran and Greece risk their lives, end up in jail and sell their soul to pursue the dream of bringing their band to the birthplace of black metal- Norway, in Fredrik Horn Akselsen’s sweeping yet intimate exploration of the roots of contemporary black metal.



Since: The Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 (Phil Furey)


Monday October 10, 12:45PM – Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


USA, 84 minutes, WNY Premiere


Phil Furey’s intimate history of the aftermath following the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 passengers as the victim’s relatives fight against geopolitical interests for justice.



Welcome to this House (Barbara Hammer)


Saturday October 8, 11:00AM – Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


USA, 79 minutes, WNY Premiere


Exploring every facet of the life, times and homes of poet Elizabeth Bishop, indie film luminary Barbara Hammer (Nitrate Kisses) weaves an intoxicating web exploring the papers, poems, and artifacts of Bishop’s life offering a new context to her relationship with architect Macedo Soares.


BIFF Global: International Features


Decadence Vested in Loyalty (Yue Shen)


Friday October 2:15PM – North Park Theatre


China, 98 minutes, US Premiere

Offering a critique of modernity built on corruption, deal-making and thievery director Yue Shen offers a stunning examination of the building of Tianjin, circa 1951 as a precedent for things to come in his handsomely crafted thriller.

Screening with Oneida Soldier

ZAĆMA: Blindness (Ryszard Bugajski)


Saturday October 8, 5:45PM – North Park Theatre


Poland, 105 minutes, US Premiere


Haunted by her ruthless past, a former high-ranking security officer in Poland’s communist government seeks an audience with the Primate of the Polish Catholic Church as she seeks forgiveness in Ryszard Bugaski’s captivating drama. Presented by Polish Film Festival in Buffalo, with the support of the Permanent Chair of Polish Culture at Canisius College (US  Premiere)


Out of Innocence (Danny Hiller)


Friday October 7, 12:00PM – North Park Theatre


UK/Ireland, 108 minutes, US Premiere


Danny Hiller’s legal drama set against the backdrop of political, cultural and social change in Ireland finds a young women (Fionnuala Flaherty) defending herself from multiple charges after a newborn baby washes up shore 50 miles away.



Guru Dian (Purnomo Aziz)


Friday October 7, 5:15PM  Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


Indonesia, 79 minutes, US Premiere?


A teacher (Aji Sanrose) arrives is dispatched to rural Indonesia where she sets about to change a close-minded village in Purnomo Aziz’s moving, gorgeously lensed drama.


Preceded by: The Idea Theif


The Lockpicker (Randall Lloyd Okita)


Sunday October 9, 1:15PM Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


Canada, 100 minutes, US Premiere


A teen thief (Keigian Umi Tang) much choose between fighting back and making a clean break in Randall Lloyd Okita’s suspenseful Toronto-based drama. 94 minutes, US Premiere.


Screening with T-County




The Return (Oliver Nias)


Sunday October 10, 6:30PM Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


UK, 90 minutes, US Premiere


Jack (Sam Donnelly), a small time criminal returns to London after three years in exile and quickly finds himself in over his head in Oliver Nias’ dramatic thriller.


Preceded by: Kidnapping of a Fish


Dream Land (Stephen Chen)


Monday October 10, 10:30AM Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


Cambodia, 90 minutes, NY State Premiere


Director Steven Chen crafts a sublime exploration of a modern, progressive post-Khmer Rouge Cambodia through the eyes of Lida (Linda Duch) a young career women selling upscale real estate in the heart of Phnom Penh and her emotionally distant boyfriend.



The Game Warden (Erik Mockus)


Sunday October 9, 4:00PM Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


Canada, 100 minutes, NY State Premiere


Bill Hooks stars as Dan, a rural Quebec Wildlife Officer suffering from PTSD following a brutal bear attack that claimed the life of his son in Erik Mockus’ haunting drama.


BIFF USA: Domestic Narratives


Occupy Texas (Jeff Berry)


Saturday October 8, 7:15PM Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


USA, 91 minutes, WNY Premiere


Written by and starring Rochester area native Gene Gallerano as a twenty something that’s eschewed his privileged Dallas upbringing to Occupy Wall Street when a family tragedy forces him back to Texas as the designated guardian for his two sisters Claire (Lorelei Linklater) and Arden (Catherine Elvir) in Jeff Berry’s crowd pleasing rebel family comedy.


Preceded by: Last Train to Babylon



Booger Red (Berndt Mader)


Saturday October 8, 9:30PM Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


USA, 95 minutes, WNY Premiere


Onur Tukel (Abby Singer Songwriter) returns to BIFF, staring in Berndt Mader’s reality based documentary/thriller hybrid. Tukel (again) plays himself, here as a Texas Tribute investigative reporter exploring the connection between a Swingers Club,  a set of foster parents, and a mysterious figure known as “Booger Red” deep in the heart of North Texas.


Ovation (Henry Jaglom)


Sunday October 9, 12:00PM North Park Theatre


USA, 110 minutes, WNY Premiere


The twentieth feature from indie filmmaking luminary Henry Jaglom (Last Summer in the Hamptons, Deja Vu) weaves a complex, intoxicating, playful web of emotional intrigue as actress Maggie (Tanna Frederick) must choose between lovers and a career paths in this LA theatre and television scene-set character study.


Preceded by: Infame



Chemical Cut (Majorie Conrad)


Friday October 7, 7:00PM Hallwalls


USA, 85 minutes, NY State Premiere


Written, directed and starring former America’s Next Top Model contestant Majorie Conrad, the award winning Chemical Cut is a biting commentary and fascinating psychological portrait of Irene (Conrad), a 23-year who discovers a simple change in hair style can open doors into the exploitative world of modeling.


Preceded by: And Nothing Happened




Gold Star (Victoria Negri)


Friday October 7, 9:15PM – Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


USA, 85 minutes, World Premiere


A personal and beautifully drawn debut feature from writer/director Victoria Negri – who stars as Vicki, a floundering New York City-based twenty-something called back home to Connecticut to care for her elderly father (Robert Vaughn) following a debilitating stroke.


Preceded by: Marceline Blurr


Women Who Kill (Ingrid Jungermann)


Saturday October 8, 8:15PM North Park Theatre


USA, 93 minutes, WNY Premiere

Ingrid Jungermann writes, directs and stars in this hilarious and morbidly curious comedy following the adventures of Morgan (Jungermann) who hosts a podcast with former girlfriend Jean (Ann Carr) where they report, investigate and argue about history’s most (in)famous female serial killers. When a mysterious love interest Simone (Shella Vand) enters Morgan’s life via her local grocery co-op she finds herself unexpectedly vulnerable as she navigates the terrain of a new relationship while investigating a string of mysterious occurrences in her Park Slope neighborhood.  


Crooked & Narrow (Neal Dhand)


Monday October 10, 3:30PM North Park Theatre


USA, 89 minutes, WNY Premiere


Con-women Amy Walsh (Lindsay Goranson) returns home to Philadelphia to follow in the footsteps of her ex-cop/currently incarcerated father and lead his stick-up crew in Neal Dhand’s gritty thriller.


Cheerleader (Irving Franco)


Monday October 10, 2:45PM Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


USA, 79 minutes, WNY Premiere


Director Irving Franco’s tender, funny, intimate and poetic character study examines the internal and external life of Mickey (Catherine Blades), a sweet and naive cheerleader navigating the waters of high school and growing up in the spotlight.


Preceded by: The Bikers


BIFF Shorts: Programs


BIFF Shorts: Global


Friday October 7, 5:00PM – North Park Theatre


113 minutes


Highlighting exciting short filmmaking from around the world, BIFF Shorts: Global offers a diverse lineup of narrative shorts from the UK, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain, China, Argentina, Venezuela and Iran.




The Christmas Speech



La Prorroga



La Prorroga (Argentina) finds Pablo, a six year old in the center of his mother’s romantic adventures in this light coming of age story from Fernando Villena. Fabrico, a young man reconciles his political differences with ex-girlfriend Alejandra as violence erupts in the streets in Vadim Lasca Orsini’s Normal (Venezuela). Saman Hosseinpuor’s Fish (Iran) offers a slice of life as metaphor as a old couple struggle to find water. Nancy Paton’s Postpartum (UK) captures Claire, a Westerner living on a compound in Saudi Arabia as she fights a losing battle with depression despite a rich and exotic life. A Christmas dinner in her hometown forces Lucia to confront her demons in Cristina Bodelon’s The Christmas Speech (Spain). Mr. Wong, is a third generation fisherman in Hong Kong whose luck changes overnight when he catches something not of this world in Alejandro Suarez Lozano’s nod to Hemmingway, The Fisherman (Spain/China) while Giulio Poidomani’s Never (Italy) finds Claudia in floundering in a small town in Sicily as she attempts to reconnect with her ex-girlfriend.



BIFF Shorts: You Are Here


Sunday October 9, 11:00AM – Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


109 minutes


Captivating time capsules – BIFF proudly presents a series of global dispatches from Poland, Canada and Botswana.


End of the World

Colder Than Mars

A House Without Snakes



Monika Pawluczuk waves an intimate web of connection and disconnection in Warsaw on the evening that the Mayan calendar has predicted would be The End of the World. WNY native Daniel Keehler traces the lives of two brush man living in Botswana dreaming of their futures and escape in the gorgeously filmed A House Without Snakes. Jeff Newman explores Winnipeg’s love/hate relationship with the bitter long winters in the evocative Colder Than Mars, while a reluctant suicide bomber puts himself in the shoes of the innocent people whose lives he is about to alter in Ibrahim Nada’s chilling Zaar.


BIFF Shorts: x GTA


Saturday October 8, 3:00PM-  Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


76 minutes


From “The 6” to the 716, BIFF proudly presents a selection of shorts from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Southern Ontario.


Wild Youth

Still Closed

From Me to You



No End


A cancer stricken father creates a time capsule video for his wife and son in Aron Safranyos’ found footage drama From Me To You while Josephine Massarella probes the intersection of interconnectivity and lived experience in the lyrical No End. A young woman (Amanda Heppner) retreats to her childhood cottage where she encounters a young man she once babysat in her youth (Jack Rayner) in Joseph Amenta’s sexy and haunting drama Wild Youth. Terence McGlade offers an intimate look at neuralplasicity therapy creating a rhythmic odyssey of hope and healing in Repeat. Jen, a surveillance expert, driven mad by the banality of her target is forced to choose between self-preservation and morality in Matthew Read’s Voyeur. When tragedy strikes sleep coastal town a young couple must adapt to their responsibilities and heartbreak leading to an unconventional love triangle in Mark Datuin’s Still Closed.



BIFF Shorts: Local


Sunday October 9, 4:30PM – North Park Theatre


90 minutes


Local perspectives from around the corner to around the region.


They Kill Things

The New Canada



That’s My Baby

Book of Judith

Circuit Sizzle


Robot friends go on an adventurous play date until their batteries run out in Marc Noworyta’s stop-motion Circuit Sizzle while the recently dumped Mia (Sandra Roberts) is faced with the prospect of single-motherhood when her son’s future self (Bill Brown) in Marissa Brannick’s tender sci-fi comedy That’s My Baby. Sal (Norah Sadava) traverses international boundaries between Buffalo’s Elmwood Village and Toronto as she contemplates her past and future in the binational Niagara region in Alexander Carson’s The New Canada. Judith, a widow living on a farm is disturbed by a stranger on her way to a mother’s funeral is the starting point for a surreal journey in Alex Mendez Giner’s stunning Syracuse-lensed psychological thriller The Book of Judith. Kyle Marler (aka Flatsitter) documents Torn Space Theater’s site-specific production, They Kill Things, a contemplation on death and dying staged in the summer of 2015 in Buffalo’s Silo City. BIFF alumni Zachary Fowler returns with Waking, a drama about a pre-teen living in the present while dreaming about an alternative reality, while a middle aged man connects with his ability to dream after he meets a 10-year old photographer in Nate Mancini’s charming Pastime.



BIFF Shorts: Experimental


Saturday October 8, 5:15PM – Squeaky Wheel


84 minutes


BIFF proudly presents a dynamic lineup of abstract expression, filmic essays and perspectives that don’t play by the rules of narrative filmmaking.


An encounter weekly encounter with elderly couple leads forces a young man to count his blessings in John Rice’s End of Blessings while Mark Jenkin’s hand-processed Branco’s House spins a morality tale of stunning juxtapositions as one man struggles to navigate love, lust, birth, death, infidelity, murder, redemption and a housing crisis in this narrative/essay hybrid shot on 16MM. Testing his own mental and physical limits a man attempts to best his own person record in Manny Mahal’s stunning ode to rigor, The Lift. while the Betschart Brothers search high and low for supernovas and folks legends in Cup of Stars. Inspired by the poems and papers of Jack Cochran, Cochran and Pamela Falkenberg investigate everyday situations from closs connects, cultural changes and ephemera in the cinematic essay The Cost of Living.


Bronco’s House

The Lift

The Cost of Living

Cup of Stars

End of Blessings



BIFF Shorts: Life’s Work


Saturday October 8, 1:00PM – Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


94 minutes


BIFF proudly presents four documentaries and two shorts exploring work and lives well lived.


Pretty Dangerous


Pepper and the Salt Sea

Praise and Blame

Fred and Emile

On Beauty and Deformity


Director Stephen R. Powell asks can there be beauty in deformity, in this portrait of Buffalo-based artist Fotini Galanes’ detailed, exquisite, and subtly unsettling projects in On Beauty and Deformity. Fred and Emile were the first openly gay men to announce their marriage in The Lowell Sun newspaper in Christian de Rezendes’ portrait of a colorful couple, now in their 80s. Filmmaker Nathan Pancione crafts a touching and moving portrait of his grandmother Joan, a resilient wheel-chair bound woman reflecting on her life’s adversity. Writer/Director Don Dowie’s Pepper and the Salt Sea finds a photographer reeling from the destruction of his life’s work following Superstorm Sandy in this beautifully shot fable about holding on despite the odds. Dan Laera’s Pretty Dangerous is a stunningly intimate portrait of Seleziya “Sparx” Esho, a pro-wrestler who’s training obsessive regiment stresses both her body and her relationships. Freed from political imprisonment in Belarus, an internationally acclaimed dissident poet Viktar Ramanchuck made made a living skipping around small liberal arts colleges driving wine, charming faculty and students until a figure from his past emerges in Shane Book’s Praise and Blame.



BIFF Shorts: Danger Zone


Monday October 10, 9:30PM – Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center


120 minutes


Get your Kenny Loggins on with a series of short films from the US, Buffalo, Rochester, Germany, and Ukraine that explore the dark-side- from pitch black comedies to gritty dramas. Head right into the danger zone for short, high-quality elevated genre. (Advisory: Explicit Content)


Kiss Me Goodbye

What If…?


The Rat

Beyond the Sea

Meeting Between Two Parked Cars

Jeffrey Kills a Guy


After a breakup, Jeffery (Brian Patrick Stoyle) embarks on a mission to murder his ex-girlfriend’s lover with hilarious consequences in Doug Lane’s Jeffery Kills a Guy. An officer sets out to catch a drug-dealer, navigating a sorted web of double and triple crosses in Vasily Chuprina’s stylish The Rat. On the outskirts of Kiev, the lifeless body of a 14-year old begins a chilling inquiry in Alvaro Gimenez Sarmiento’s Pulse. Horror and alienation surround the courtroom when an last leader underground religion faces judgement and a brutal death in Brendan Sweeney’s lightening rod Kiss Me Goodbye. Alone in a WWII submarine a sailor must find a way to survive in Vincent DiVirgillio’s Buffalo-shot psychological thriller Beyond The Sea. A sexual assault leaves a young activist reeling in the frank and disturbing Meeting Between Two Parked Cars while 15-year old Frank must act to save his 14-year old neighbor in Lorielle Mallue’s suburban dramatic thriller What If





BIFF Shorts: Before the Movie


We’ve added more to the show – before select feature films enjoy a selection of shorts hand picked picked by our programmers to complement the feature.


Andrew Wilcox travels to Northlandz, Bruce Williams Zaccagino’s life-long project spanning eight miles of miniature train tracks connecting a world of his own creation in Some Kind of Quest. Screening with OXD.


Strangers (Lee Collins and Olivia Ross) spend the early morning hours wandering around midtown Manhattan, waiting for the next train out of town in Luis Ayala’s Last Train to Babylon. Screening with Occupy Texas.


Writer/director/Star Naima Ramos-Chapman wakes up one day to find a black hole in her bedroom which prove to be a harbinger of things to come as she struggles through a mundane day in a cruel world in And Nothing Happened. (Advisory: Explicit content) Screening with Chemical Cut.


BIFF Alumni Christian Garzone (Killing of Danny The King) returns with a portrait of Myron Webster, a Vietnam vet currently in his own 40-year battle PTSD and alcohol abuse as Webster begins his journey of recovery with the assistance of the Milwaukee VA. Oneida Soldier screening with Decadence Vested in Loyalty.


Described as “Bill Hicks, Hunter S. Thompson and Joe Strummer all rolled into one” director Vic Compos chronicles the legendary NYC musical/artist/punk poet and anti-folk hero Hamell on Trial with exclusive interviews from music luminaries Henry Rollins, Ani Difranco, and critic Robert Christgu. Hamell on Trial – Artist in America screens with Nighthawks on the Blue Highways.


Tracy Thompson’s web series Africa in the City chronicles local African politics and culture through human interest stories, in this dispatch she discovers a refugee camp unknown to the Lagos Government populated by Nigerians who have fled terrorist group Boko Haram. Screening with Pearl of Africa.


Please silence your cell phone…and yourself during the show, otherwise Adrain Ramos’ Screener will silence you. Screening with Blackhearts.


A burglar’s goggles allow him to see the ideas other people ideas meets his match in Dani Alava’s animated adventure The Idea Thief. Screening with Guru Dian.


A frustrated composer comes to terms with his wife’s new found success in Dennis Garcia’s noir-inspired Infame. Screening with Ovation.


A curious shopping cart collector investigates a suspicious knife sharpening truck that arrives in the suburbs of Anytown USA in Aaron David DeFrzio’s Knives. Screening with Mercy.


A mild-mannered man is kidnapped and is forced to figure out if his new girlfriend is the cause in Philip A. Ramos’ comic thriller The Kidnapping of a Fish. Screening with The Return.


A recovering alcoholic turns to running as a way to confront his past in Justin Berardi’s Buffalo-based kinetic thriller The Runner (North American Premiere). Screening with Alcholist.


Thao Tran Phuong tells the harrowing story of two indigenous Tai women, La and Tuong living with HIV and their strong support group of independent women who earn a living and support their families in Up The Hills: Down the Valley. Screening with Dream Land.


Two young boys decide to rebel against the religious stereotypes learned from their parents in Justin Malone’s coming of age, slice of life drama The Bus Stop. Screening with Trew Calling.


Matt Long and Derek Wilson star as a boy and his uncle making the most of life in the small, isolated town just outside of their Woodshed in Travis Newton’s Kentucky-set drama. Screening with The Game Warden.


Four kids run away after they think they’ve burned down a church, killing 14 in Brett Roedel’s Orchard Park coming of age thriller The Bikers. Screening with Cheerleader.


Two children explore their body curiosity through the telling of memories regarding 1970’s pop icons in The Betschart Bros’ Pudding. Screening with Dwelling.


Brock Yurich writers, directs and stars as a young fighter living in the backwoods of Ohio, forced to pay for the sin’s of his grandfather in a town full of decade’s old rivalries in T-Country. Screening with The Lockpicker.


A charming nod to the French New Wave, Nadia Mata Portillo finds magic in a young French women’s visual impairment as she explores a canvas as vast as New York itself in Marceline Blurr. Screening with Gold Star.